Indianism is a novel concept. The concept of Nationalism is being amalgamated with the concept of Religion. You would be wondering, why I am doing this.

The Need: The Religions of Islam and Christianity have created havoc in the world. Humans are killing humans, just for being different. Others religious philosophies are completely ignored.

Because there is such a huge turbulence in the world around us, that has been created wholly-solely by RELIGIONs, it becomes imperative for us to completely understand the concept of Religion. Why this Sociological Construct becomes so important for people that they are ready to kill or die? What’s so special about this construct?

I have created an ironic concept of Indianism, exactly for this objective. I want to prove the complete parallels those exist in these two systems. The complete analogy is evident (Refer to the table below). We cannot say that the concept of Religion and the concept of Nationalism are different.! We simply cannot say that.!

Indianism, unequivocally says, Islam and Christianity are not Religions, they are Pseudo-Nations, Nations without borders. Religions are Trans-National Pseudo-Nations. Their holy book is the constitution of these pseudo-nations. And both of these pseudo-nations, have their individual National Law too.

Indianism is not confusing the two concepts of Nationalism and Religion; it has been already done by Islam and Christianity. So, when I say, am the follower of Indianism, I intend to say, that I believe, Islam and Christianity are not religions. Instead they are Nations without borders. These are Mini-Nations those exist within the Nations.

So, when a terrorist-attack happens, it’s not a Religion against a Religion, it’s a Nation against a Nation.

This awareness is important for the World Peace.


Name of Religion Islam Indianism Christianity
The GOD Allah Bharat Mata GOD
The Prophet Mohammad B.R.Ambedkar Jesus
The Holy Book Quran Constitution of India Bible
The Holy Law Sharia Indian Penal Code Biblical Law
War Cry Allahu-Akbar Vande Matram
Wars Jihad War Crusader
Salutation As-Salaam-Alaikum Jai Hind Hallowed: Hello!
Followers Muslim Indian Christian
Head of State Khalifa President Pope
The State Khilafat Parliament Vatican
Nationals Ullema Citizens (Nationals) Commune
Non-Nationals Kafir, Kufrr Foreigners Heathens, Infidels
Schooling Madrasa Schools Convent