Following are the steps to Join Our Team:

Step 1: Like our Facebook Page and connect with us. We would be sending in the information and all the new ideas and many more posts.

Step 2: For making a dedicated team for this cause, we need to find those who have a fire in them. We need them to display their patriotism in all the social settings, wherever they go. This is how we work. We have created some symbols and souvenirs which the volunteers can wear and can eloquently display their fervor for Nationalism just without any immediate reasons like Republic Day. So, we have created a kit which we will courier you after you become the member dedicated to this cause of Nationalism. One has to pay Rs.50/- for registering oneself with us. One must pay the amount on Paytm (That’s the only channel). After we get your fee, we get your mobile number also. We will add your mobile number in our database. And you are member!

Step 3: You have now become our authorized volunteer. You will get the kit, including a500_F_8218045_2DCx8VkP4kiZxEIW885QRtna96MTQwrI Appreciating Letter from organization, a booklet named “INDIANISM: A New Religion”, a piece of paper with some explanatory articles and also, a “Laple Pin” displaying Indian Flag. You can wear it at your chest over all the clothing (equal for boys and girls). Now, here’s the action plan. You wear it, and go into the market and socialize or do whatever, but wherever you go, you will automatically manage to get audience which will like you to elaborate on why have you worn that Laple Pin.!!!! And that’s it, you got your audience. The kit will contain a page with the article from us, which will explain the whole purpose and objective to them. You just need to get that xeroxed and just give it away; only to those curious people who asked you about the Laple Pin!

Are you In?