Citizen Development Programme (CDP)

This organization intends to preach Nationalism in such a diverse country with an aim of reaffirming this identity of ours. For this, it becomes imperative to first impart a certain level of knowledge and information about the country to the masses. People should be aware about basics of India. We believe that a course that introduces the students to the basic courses like History, Polity, Economy, Geography of India, is crucial for uplifting all the students to a genuine level of understanding of this great Nation. Present state of many students is that they enjoy the democratic setup provided by the Constitution but they don’t exactly know the value of democracy. They listen to News, but they do not understand it. They talk about the Climate Change, but they do not know what Mangroove forests are.

India needs to develop Human Resource.

We have introduced a course CDP which aims at making every student a participative fully functioning citizen for this democracy; where every willing student will get education about India. We will impart knowledge for General Studies keeping Indian Civil Services Exam in vision. The education for the same is available in the city at a cost of whopping ₹50000/-. INDIANISM has introduced the same course at a very low price of ₹2000/month instead of ₹50000 for the course, just to make it available to masses. Membership fee is just ₹100.

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