Nationalism is Religion; Religion is Nationalism.

Don’t you think that there is an inherent connection between Religion and Nation? Religions are Nations without Borders. Religion in today’s sense is a Trans-National identity that relates to a particular personal GOD in one specific way to be followed by all the followers, making it a cult. There is a resemblance in the two concepts: Religion and Nationalism. Religions create Law (Sharia Qanoon, Biblical Law). Nations should create the Law! Not Religion! Indian Religions, on the other hand, do not suggest any Law. When any Religion, commands the followers to adhere to some specific rules and conventions or Law, beware, it’s not Spirituality.

Nationalism is our Religion; Spirituality is after-all Spirituality.

Religion is different from Culture and Spirituality. India has always had two concepts of Cultures and Spirituality, and not the third one, Religion. Cultures and Spirituality is inherent in India. And we are proud of that heritage. India is the Mt. Everest in the field of Spirituality as well as Cultural Diversity. Religion, on the other hand, never existed in the mind of this nation. Indian Spirituality lacks in Religion.

It’s not Religion against Religion. It’s Religion against Nation.!


Name of Religion Islam Indianism Christianity
The GOD Allah Bharat Mata GOD
The Prophet Mohammad B.R.Ambedkar Jesus
The Holy Book Quran Constitution of India Bible
The Holy Law Sharia Indian Penal Code Biblical Law
War Cry Allahu-Akbar Vande Matram
Wars Jihad War Crusader
Salutation As-Salaam-Alaikum Jai Hind Hallowed: Hello!
Followers Muslim Indian Christian
Head of State Khalifa President Pope
The State Khilafat Parliament Vatican
Nationals Ullema Citizens (Nationals) Commune
Non-Nationals Kafir, Kufrr Foreigners Heathens, Infidels
Schooling Madrasa Schools Convent

Let’s take Nationalism as our Religion.